Powell Randolph

professional drummer and educator

July 2013 Rock & Jazz Clinic Double Bass Fills: Overlapping Into the Next Phrase, Part 2 by Powell Randolph The purpose of this lesson, which is a continuation of what we explored in part one (from the June 2013 issue of Modern Drummer), is to show you how to overlap bass drum notes at the end of a phrase into a crash at the beginning of the next phrase, in order to create a continuous flow of ideas.

Powell Randolph tracking drums for the title song of the movie, Until It Hurts. Song, written by Brian Grilli.Recorded at Clay Garden Studios in Norfolk, Va. Powell plays Dream Cymbals and Vic Firth Drumsticks. https://www.facebook.com/UiHart http://www.dreamcymbals.com/powell-randolph

We took three different songs, removed the original drum tracks with 'Jammit', and replaced them with vi-elements drum samples from the Core Kit library. Drummer Powell Randolph demonstrates the ease of use with vi-elements!

A little demonstration of the Vi-elements Core Kit Drum Sample Library. How, where, and what we recorded. Drummer Powell Randolph gives a demo on the electronic kit. Come see us at www.vi-elements.com

Performance Spotlight with VF Artist & Educator Powell Randolph! Powell uses: #vfX55B - American Classic® Extreme 55B  #vfSAS - Aaron Spears Signature Series SAS #vfVICGLVM - VicGloves (Medium) 

Powell Randolph on drums and Quintin Berry on bass doing an impromtu jam at Quintin's bass clinic at Alpha Music in Virginia Beach. Quintin Berry plays his bass like that because he used to play violin as a kid and it stems from that. He can play great both that way and in the traditional position.

This is a video that was featured on vic firth's #VF15 page. The cymbal on the snare is a 10" Re-FX crop circle made by Dream Cymbals. go to youtube.com/powellrandolph for more videos. powellrandolph.com windbornemusic.com alpha-music.com

Brody Dolyniuk performing the Music of Queen with the Windborne Symphony in Hartford, CT at the Oakdale Theater. www.windbornemusic.com

Powell Randolph on drums.Windborne Music does the music of Led Zeppelin with the Minnesota Orchestra. This video was taken from someone in the audience. windbornemusic.com dreamcymbals.com